Building with earth

By - Soumya, Saadiya, Roshita, Makarand

About the workshop
“ The event shall start with this very spirit. We shall learn what earth has to offer, many ways of building through earth, how to mould it in different forms, how to stack them to make a wall, how to make an opening for light, and where to walk-by at night, arches, vaults and domes, they all will make a home, theory and practical work will be learnt with some hard work it may get hot and tiring we will fill it with fun and musing.”
-Aalyang Architects

The workshop was centered around the idea of exploring alternative construction techniques; to revive traditional construction methodologies suited to a modern context without shunning technology.

Away from the hustle bustle of the Bombay-life, our days started early, waking up to the sound of peacocks nestled among the star-fruit trees. Stimulating lecture sessions were held in the mornings that necessarily questioned ‘sustainability’, followed by hands-on session.

Through the workshop we were able to understand the theory behind various methodologies that was used in the past for architectural and structural resolution of the built. In practice we also got an insight into the science that went into deriving and arriving at the most suitable consistency of ‘Soil’ for that particular construction technique.

Hands on workshop - Building with earth using stabilized mud blocks, rammed earth, masonry vaults & domes (20th-22nd July, 2022)
Location - Mathura Chaurasi Jain Temple, Mathura, UP
Instructors - Dr. Yogananda M.R. & Pramod AV (Mahijaa, Bangalore) in association with Aalyang Architects
Attendees - Soumya, Saadiya, Roshita, Makarand