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About Us

We are an award-winning Mumbai-based multidisciplinary design practice with over 37 years of experience. Our practice has from its inception, attempted to develop a contemporary design syntax for the sub-continent, by approaching Architecture as a synthesis of 'Ecology' and 'Spirit'.

Ecology implies a seamless, cohesive and integrated approach to design.

This is achieved through the assembly of a group of highly motivated and evolved specialists in different disciplines. It is about creating lasting relationships that become so deeply intertwined, that the whole ceases to be a sum of disparate parts, and instead becomes a living, breathing organism in itself.

Luis Barragan said that Architecture is the spatial execution of spiritual decisions.

For us, Spirit implies balance, understanding and tranquility.

Our work draws inspiration from nature, not through its physical forms, but through its principles and processes. We have also tried to resurrect the Indian Artisan, as we as cultivate the use of local materials as a corollary to encouraging sustainability. This is exemplified by our works that incorporate load bearing brick masonry, stone masonry, exposed concrete and most recently, the innovative use of structural steel.

Our diverse, dynamic and radical portfolio of works includes- Residential, Commercial, R&D, Healthcare, Hospitality, Educational, Cultural, Institutional as well as Master-planning projects.